Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Romance With A Double Bass

1974. A charming comedy film from John Cleese and wife Connie Booth. Link in comments.


Edfray said...

For adults only. Somehow it's out-of-print.

*Here you go*

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, slightly censored said...

Anyone who cohabits with cats the SIZE of the ones seen in the documentary about the big Python stage production/reunion can not be entirely "normal". Our Mr. Cleese' notoriously conservative political outlook, vs. the distinctly "red" tendencies of the rest of the Python ensemble, has always made him seem the "normal" one in the crew.

But how could the creator and perpetrator of the Ministry Of Silly Walks be "normal" in any sense of the term? He must be an anarchist of sorts after all, and those (pardon my language) f****** enormous cats more than qualify their "owners" as authentically eccentric... in a classically British sort of way. Go figure.