Tuesday, February 13, 2018

An Evening with The Firesign Theatre - 2017

Last September Phil Proctor and David Ossman presented "An Evening with the Firesign Theatre (Or What's Left Of It!)" at the Library of Congress in Washington. They performed their sketch entitled "The History of the Art of Radio, Revised," and discussed the history and impact of the Firesign Theatre with video clips, slides, and reminiscences. View or download the video if you like. Link in comments.


Edfray said...

This event may seem to be the Firesign Theatre Swan-Song, but it probably isn't. Visit davidossman.com or the busy planetproctor.com to be convinced.

*Here you go*

Traitor Vic said...

Strange, I suppose... I found myself more disturbed by the passing of two members of The Firesign Theatre than I did by the passing of the entirety of The Ramones (who were considerably younger than sed Firesigners). I guess we just expect Punks to Die Faster than Hippies, perhaps. Actually, though, I think that it was because the Firesign Guys had already made it to old age and had decided to "Come Back", as it were.

This is a real treasure, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!And the Top of it, too. And all of that ookie stuff in between as well.

Lacey said...

Thank you for this.
I was introduced to this fantastic troop by the older brother of my best friend in Middle School. They were so far out of my normal "comfort zone" they were my "teen rebellion." (sad, I know)

I love listening to them to this day.

Edfray said...

Thanks for those interesting comments. I suppose they never stopped mocking authority and so never went out of style.

Anonymous said...

The local "progressive" radio station played snippets from their LPs during sets of songs. Commercials three times an hour, tops. That's how radio was in the early 70s, kids. Fifteen year-old me called the station from the phone in the kitchen to ask the source of the spoken interludes.

Not long after I saw HCYBITPAOWYNAAA buried in the comedy bin of the record department at a store called Lechmere in MA and purchased it. After playing it many times I took it to school where we had record players and headphones in a room designed for "independent study". Yeah, right. My friends and I never looked back and quote FT faithfully lo these many years.

Mr. Policeman, what makes America great?

Edfray said...

Thanks. I think many of us had a similar experience. Mostly Honkies.

Edfray said...

My crowd listened to Everything You Know Is Wrong - again and again - all summer long. THC was involved.