Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Compleat Beatles - 1982

This 2-hour video documentary contains newsreel footage and interviews with the Fab Four, George Martin, Tony Sheridan, and many others.


Edfray said...

Here it is as one download of 512MB;


You might instead prefer it as 3 downloads of 190MB each;




Unzip the first of the three and your unzipping software should figure out the rest.

Bill said...

Prior to Anthology, this was the best Beatles documentary.

Edfray said...

Thanks. I think I will watch Anthology since it is on Netflix - It's a 5-DVD set.

Dave said...

The first Rutles movie is a pretty close parody of this movie.

Edfray said...

Good one, Dave. I will watch this thing and then play the Rutles.