Saturday, July 6, 2013

WFMU - Sixty Second Song Remixes

This is a plug for WFMU, an NYC radio station that also streams and also offers podcasts. Here is their blog. I entered this contest 6 years ago and won an appearance on the 80-track CD. Here are the best 18 tracks from the CD for you to enjoy. It's fun to hear Hotel California again without the time commitment, and the same goes for Stairway To Heaven and Bolero. There is something interesting going on in every track. Give this a listen with the Box player below and download all the tracks in stereo if you like using the link in the comments.


Edfray said...

Enjoy this thing, dammit;


Hazy Dave said...

I like the concept! Thanks for sharing.

Edfray said...

I 'm glad you think so, Hazy, and I do too. I especially like the xylophone solo on top of the verse in Moonlight Feels Right. But. This download is proving difficult to give away.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dammit!

Earl said...

Hey Edfray - I would love to hear this - but the download isn't working - think it must be one of the dead links.
This concept sounds like a very funny idea - any chance of reposting it again?

Edfray said...

Thanks for the heads-up. BOX seems to have changed the rules so that the download is available only if you have a BOX account. Shame on them.

No matter;

Here you go

Earl said...

You sir are a legend - and I have to say, have the same taste in comedy and music as myself - well done on your site - it is awesome!!!

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