Monday, May 21, 2018

Dune - Alternative Edition Redux - 2012

A new edit of the film- shorter than the cable edit and longer that the theatrical release. Stream it here. If you like this you can download it from Archive.Org in high quality. Link in comments.


Edfray said...

Hand-held-friendly streaming;
*Here you go*

The Archive.Org version;

Swanditch said...

I look forward to watching this.

Edfray said...

Give us a review, afterwards, if you please.

Anonymous said...

Frank Herbert, speaking frankly of his political theories (not opinions) and what he meant the original Dune trilogy to present to his readers. Political Ecology looks at the dynamics of power in societies while pointedly ignoring the details of local, transient propaganda, belief systems, etc. Political ecologists examine conflicts between powerful players, their relationship to great masses of passive participants, and repeating patterns in large scale human behavior. This discipline may potentially present opportunities for gaming the system in an effort to optimize outcomes. Any takers?

In re the Dune Redux, I do rather like it: A lot of details get cleaned up i.e. reordering scenes to make a more coherent narrative. On the minus side, a couple of the battle sequences need work: Like adding effects to simulate gunfire in a couple of battle scenes where, just for a few seconds here and there, extras in costume are mostly pointing props and going 'bang bang'. That's the only fault I find with the whole production, and IMO it's quite forgivable.