Monday, July 10, 2017

Naked Space - 1981

Leslie Neilsen is as funny as ever and who doesn't love Cindy Williams. This film is somehow out-of-print. Link in comments.


Edfray said...

It's 230MB and looks good. Enjoy.

Here you go

Timmy said...


Lacey said...

"Somehow" out of print.
I don't think it was ever released.
I saw it once on USA network, never seen it since.
Interestingly, I knew the FX gentlemen who started his career with this film.

Eric_Manchester said...

The movie did have a theatrical release, but it was a low-budget film without much of a promotional budget. This was made by the same writer/director that did THE FIRST NUDIE MUSICAL, also with Cindy Williams.

Lack of sales weren't for lack of trying. The original theatrical title was THE CREATURE WASN"T NICE, but for later home video releases, they tried renaming it SPACESHIP (to capitalize on Leslie Nielsen's being in AIRPLANE!) and then NAKED SPACE (a badly transparent attempt to reference the NAKED GUN movies).

Edfray said...

Thank you Lacey and Eric. I can add nothing except to say I found it on Usenet a month ago having known nothing about the film. So: I've got a copy of THE FIRST NUDIE MUSICAL with special effects by Lacey's boyfriend.

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