Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Duck's Breath - Homemade Radio - 1983

This was the second effort from Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre and it came out on cassette instead of vinyl. The characters Mister Science and Ian Shoales are well established in this album. Link in comments.

The Ducks are doing a documentary about themselves - while it is still possible - and I hope you will kick in and help make it happen, here; http://www.ducksbreathmysterytheatre.com.


Edfray said...

Here you go;


Swanditch said...

I owned this one back in the day. Bought it at a show they did in Mt Pleasant Michigan. I have pretty much all these skits memorized.

Swanditch said...

Also a friend of mine made his own rip of it. I'll see, or rather hear, how they compare.

Edfray said...

That would be good. What I want to hear again most is that early sketch about a special substance that could make anything taste like hamburger. That's my Grail.

Swanditch said...

Perhaps they never recorded it.

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