Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ultimate Seventies - 1978 and 1979

This completes the Seventies collection. How was it?


Edfray said...

Here you go;



Anonymous said...

OMG; it took me back to my first Three Dog Night, Tull albums. I cannot tell you how much fun. Thank You.

Edfray said...

You are very welcome. I think I will pull up some Jethro Tull right now...

Anonymous said...

Hello Again, any thoughts on why I can d/l most but not all of any of your 'comps? I can't seem to get 1971 1975 or 1979 of this series, or Part 3 of Ducks Breath Mystery 30th Ann. I get the same annoying "Insecure Connection" warning stopping me evatime!

Cheers, Obey Gravity

Edfray said...

If you type Insecure Connection Problem on Google you will get hits that might be useful. Here is one;


Good luck

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