Tuesday, September 1, 2015

National Lampoon - Years 8 through 13

Two links to two zipfiles, each about 1GB.


Edfray said...

Here they are;



Kwai Chang said...

Hello, Edfray!
This is a vicious share.
Another name for it would be OPPORTUNITY!!!
I've heard there are some really good articles in PLAYBOY...although I've never seen any. This magazine looks to be much more informative. I only ever owned the Beatles issue. My youth somehow went from MAD magazine to HUSTLER. Sadly, I missed out on these. I really appreciate a second opportunity to appreciate the so-called satire. Very cool!
Thank you, ever so kindly!

Edfray said...

You are very welcome. I loved it back when and even subscribed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I bought these when I was in High School (70-74), used to pass them around in Study Hall great memories...... Could I request you re-up Editions 11-13 ? I can't seem to get past a "The owner of doc-0k-2k-docs.googleusercontent.com has configured their website improperly." All other issues have downloaded fine, If you cannot, no problem, These are just great!!!! Thanks Much. You've done a great job on these btw.

Obey gravity

Edfray said...

Here are the 11, 12, and 13 issues, each in their own zip file. Try to download them, please, and good luck.




Anonymous said...

Thanks, With these I did manage to get 11 and 12, it seems Year 13 is the problem keep getting that "Site is not secure error message" again thanks for what I have and if you should get it sorted out I'll be complete! LOL (Really the 1973-75 issues were my years), so anything else is gravy.

Thanks again!! obey gravity

Edfray said...

It took me 2 tries to get part 13 myself! I divided it into 2 files and uploaded them. Try it now, as they say;



Download them both and then unzip the first one, and your unzip software should figure it out, and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks much worked fine and now I have 'em all! You're very kind sir.

Cheers Obey Gravity

Swanditch said...

"The Civil War Between the Negroes and the Jews" - this is hilarious!

Edfray said...

I don't recall that one. Here I go.