Thursday, May 29, 2014

Die, Rapidshare, Die

Rapidshare has been changing my interface and their rules too often ever since I joined. My downloadables are their hostages. I have cheerfully paid 50 or 80 Euros to Rapidshare from time to time for their sake. These newest terms would cost me 50 Euros each and every month but that's not going to happen. Download while you may.


Swank Daddy said...

No one uses Rapidshare because of the issues you have raised.

Try Mediafire (free) which will retain your uploaded files.

Others like Zippyshare (free) but uploaded files are deleted 30 days after the last download.

Some people use (free), files are deleted 30 days after the last download, AND there is no account page listing your uploads or their status.

Edfray said...

Thank you so much.

progDeaf gerEars said...

I use Mediafire and :
File hosting without the bullshit!
Its free 2 and they give 50Go 4 your stuff....
Greets 2U