Monday, May 26, 2008

My new pen-pal Anonymous says;

Not very pretty reasoning... Especially concidering you stole our Proctor & Bergman post from Cheeze Factory. A-wipe!

So explain this, pal. This photo shows that I OWN A COPY of the album as well. That's right, pal, they must have pressed more than one copy, and so YOU DON'T OWN the only copy in existence. Maybe I ripped MY COPY into an mp3. It could have happened, couldn't it? Sleep badly tonight mister Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

I've got my copy in my vault. Such great tracks with excessive cleverness. Dr. Dream

Anonymous said...

Don't know who's purporting to be the "Our" from the Cheeze Factory. I didn't post that comment, maybe I stole the stuff from you, who knows?

Any any case, please allow me, as the official "Big Cheeze" to apologize for that comment.

Edfray said...

Vindicated by the Big Cheeze himself. Case closed.