Friday, May 22, 2020

Popeye - The Movie - 1980

You will quickly accept that these two ARE Popeye and Olive Oyl. Link in comments.


Edfray said...

*Here you go*

Mataformiyas said...

Wow toll

la musica e vita said...

I'm told by Google that I can't download this at this time - because too many people have already downloaded it.
Arranged and Conducted by Van Dyke Parks, Doug Dillard Banjo player, Klaus Voorman conductor.

Thanks anyway. Nice to see it anyway. Shelly Duvall and Robin Williams are spot on, but I can see why the film failed anyway. Interesting artifact.
Not as good as the original strip or the cartoon shorts.


Edfray said...

Please try it again later and tell us how it went. Google has gradually changed the rules over time. I think it doesn't let you download unless you are signed onto Google. And now it apparently has a daily cap. Are we being slowly swallowed by a snake that looks like a capital "G"?

FiveGunsWest said...

Working for me now. I saw about 20 minutes of this, years ago, and it didn't work for me for some reason mostly to do with decades of Popeye looking like the cartoon. I just couldn't accept it. Trying again now. Thanks Edfray.