Friday, September 14, 2018

The History Of the Dave Clark Five - 1993

The Dave Clark Five have long been given short shrift by history, consigned to the "Merseybeat" category. But hits like "Glad All Over," "Bits and Pieces," and the gorgeous "Because" still stand out as classy pop records. On the other hand, the DC5's cover of the Contours' "Do You Love Me" stands out as one of the more unbridled, edgy English singles of the sixties. The band actually had a winning way with both more rocking material and softer, poppier sides. While this two-disc anthology is probably a little much for most, the serious pop collector will find a great deal here to celebrate. --Skip Heller


Edfray said...

I think they were better than the Beatles.

*Here you go*

Anonymous said...

better - that's debatable

Smarter for sure. Dave Clark didn't give up his rights from day one

DonHo57 said...

A Skip Heller review...interesting. The DC5 were my favorite British group during "the invasion", much more so than the Beatles, I guess because of the organ and sax sound and th way they could rock a tune.

Edfray said...

Amen to that, Don.

Anonymous said...

WAY cool - a similar set crossed my radar recently and "vanished" before I could snag it.


- Diana

Edfray said...

Thanks. Please stick around.