Sunday, February 4, 2018

J-Men Forever - 1979

This is Proctor and Bergman's crazy pastiche of re-dubbed clips from Republic serials. It's a scream and is reposted here so as to be enjoyed instantly. Link in comments.


Traitor Vic said...

This is Philomenal. Heh, Heh. Get what I did there? Heh, Heh!

Also... I Am a Robot!!!

Thanks for asking! I IDENTIFY, however, as a Female Box Turtle with the Head of a Male Spider Monkey. Oh, Yeah! And I have Thumbs, too, so that I can open cans. And doors. And magazines.

Edfray said...

You are red-hot Mister Vic.

Edfray said...

I notice that the audio-video synchronization is terrible in this one. A new link is on the way.

Edfray said...

Here is the improved downloadable. Download and unzip.