Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Lost Lennon Tapes - 1988

There were hundreds of hours of John Lennon recordings - donated by Yoko Ono - that were assembled into these radio episodes and hosted by Elliot Mintz. The material includes evolving songs, performances, and conversation. Here are the first 3 shows.


Edfray said...

The tapes were never lost, they were just haphazardly stored.


froggy said...

This is so excellent, thank you! Great site!

Edfray said...

Thanks so much. I just now downloaded something from Froggy Flix so we are square. I host my downloadables on Google Drive and recommend it because it is free and the files never go away. The complete Lost Lennon Tapes are being given away on this blog so you can have them all if you like.