Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Lathe Of Heaven - With A Little Help from My Friends

This was Public Television's first made-for-television movie costing $250,000. The film was out-of-print for decades and was changed slightly when it was brought back. This original version of With A Little Help From My Friends from the original film might just be the very first mash-up.

The youtube link is dead now, I see. No matter. Download the video HERE


RadioWizard said...

So very nice to hear the original audio from this scene. Pissed me off when the later version was done by God-knows-who. Probably would have to find VHS tape of it to get this.

Edfray said...

I was annoyed too. I found an interview in which one of the producers explained that they could only afford to purchase limited rights for the tune. I got my VHS tape from a fellow who used to work for Public Television. I'm really glad you enjoyed this.

Edfray said...

The video is now banned from youtube. No problem. You can view and download it here;

JE said...

Thanks for rescuing this segment!

Edfray said...

Thanks Jeff. I like your Flickr pictures very much.