Saturday, October 1, 2011

David Frye - 1971 - Richard Nixon Superstar

Even more Frye. Life is good.

There are now 2 ways to download since Rapidshare became disappointing. Links in comments.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if this is the one with the roofer, reefer, whatever, light my fire

Edfray said...

I am experimenting with Google's THE BOX for file hosting. Try this link;

It's also on Rapidshare here;

Edfray said...

Anonymous; That quote is from
Richard Nixon: A Fantasy and we've got it for you right here;

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting. I found a copy of this at the thrift store, but it was so scratched up, I decided not to buy it.

Anonymous said...

A bit late to this party there any remote possibility of reuploading this? Or better yet, his entire discography? To make a long, excruciating story hopefully short: i dropped my 4tb ext. drive recently, destroying my entire life irretrievably, to include ALL of Frye's output (found the excellent Radio Free Nixon recently so that's crossed off the list). Thank you sincerely. Great site.

Edfray said...

You are right, Anony, my BOX link went rotten, and shame on BOX!! I notice my embedded BOX players quit working in my posts some months ago and they all had to be redone. Grr. Well, since Google Drive hasn't let me down so far, here is Richard Nixon Supestar, for you, hosted on Google Drive;


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