Monday, December 31, 2007

Calculating Pi

This isn't music at all, but a refutation to claims that Pi equals 3 or 3.125 or the square-root of 10 or anything other than the familiar number that begins with 3.14159. You can prove it to yourself using the method in the PDF and pencil and paper. Here you go.


The Rev said...

I must say that I am a little confused. I've never know Pi to be any other value than 3.14.

Is there someone claiming that it's 3 or 3.125? Is that the new Commie mean Common Core value?

Edfray said...

The fellow I mention in the PDF decided Pi is 3.125. A fellow who repeatedly measured it using a CD and a tape-measure judged Pi to be 3.15 and is disinterested in learning more about math. Some have philosophical reason to believe it must be the square-root of 10. Some like to insert a mystical string of digits at position 10 and yet agree with the other digits that mathematicians offer. Some resist any claim that the number is irrational, and insist that it must terminate, somewhere. Surf if you like- who knows- there may be a new batch of crackpots out there with spanking new and spanking wrong ideas.

Edfray said...

Perhaps the world is a little short on crackpots, just now, but I did find this excellent applicant;